Castle Hills Curriculum Offer


Curriculum Progression of Skills by Subject:





Curriculum Maps

Please use the links below to access each classes Curriculum Maps.


Foundation 1 (Nursery)

Nursery Curriculum Map Autumn Term.pdf

Foundation 2 (Reception) (F2K)

AU1 F2 Curriculum Map.pdf

Foundation 2 & Year 1 (F2/Y1H)

  F2-Y1H Curriculum Map Autumn Term.pdf

Curriculum Map Autumn 2 - F2Y1H.pdf

Year 1/2 (1/2A)

Curriculum Map Aut Term 1-2A.pdf

Year 2 (2S)

Curriculum Map Aut Term 2S.pdf

Year 3/4 (3/4B-3/4D-3/4M)

Autumn Curriculum Map Y3-4.pdf

Year 5/6 (5/6T)

Curriculum map - Aut 1 - Blue Abyss.pdf

Year 6 (6N)

Curriculum Map - Aut Y6 - World War 2.pdf




Phonics and Reading 






Physical Education 

To view our P.E. Curriculum Overview please go to page:

- 'Premium'

  & Sports Premium and Sporting Successes!



Religious Education

At Castle Hills we follow the local authority Syllabus for Religious Education and use the Discovery RE scheme of work that is mapped and matches the agreed syllabus.

Please use the links below to access each year groups medium term plans for RE.


01 Discovery RE Intro and Overview.pdf

02 Discovery RE F1-2.pdf

03 Discovery RE Yr 1.pdf

04 Discovery RE Yr 2.pdf

05 Discovery RE Yr 3.pdf

06 Discovery RE Yr 4.pdf

07 Discovery RE Yr 5.pdf

08 Discovery RE Yr 6.pdf